How to use Windy to prepare your weather

Speaker : Christian Dumard

Windy is the best source of information for your marine weather forecast available on the internet. Christian Dumard will show you all the functionalities of Windy. He will explain how to use the different data  and combine them together to obtain a good forecast.

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Mini Transat

Speaker: Christian Dumard

The training aims to prepare the Mini Transat 2021 as well as the preparatory races in 2020 and 2021.

The class is divided in 4 sessions of 2 hours.

Squid X

Speaker: Michael Delatte


Squid X is a full source of weather information used by most of sailors to load grib files, analyze the weather and route for the boat, at sea and on land. 
Michael Delatte from Great Circle


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Trainer : Julien Rabeux


Program :

Options to configure the routing:
o Wave table,
o Definition of crossed sea,
o Loss of sail changes (how to estimate them)
o Loss of transfers / jibe (how to estimate them)